Styling to sell – The (new) master bedroom

Fun fact – interior designers notoriously have a hard time selling their own homes. You see, they/we think their style, and how they’ve decorated is great for everyone and that they wouldn’t need to change a thing for an open house. But – that is not always the case which is why people hire staging companies. But, hiring a staging company seemed insane for me to do since I have a lot of great pieces myself, and have even more access to great pieces locally, so I thought, surely I can stage my own home to sell, right? We’ve already moved, so what we are staging with is a combination of pieces that won’t work in the new house and new pieces that we either purchased or borrowed for the month. I know that some of our things were too quirky, too personal and frankly too much for most people to really be able to envision their lives in their new home.

Thus we are launching this ‘How We Styled Our House To sell’ series.

My goal is to make the house feel big, airy and beautiful but in a really simple more approachable way. We, like most people, want top dollar for this beauty and so it needs to appeal to as many people as possible.

Let’s start with the bedrooms – today, the master. Previously it looked like this:

And while I loved it, it’s definitely a strong look for most people. I try to take risks with my house because well, my job is a content creator, but we needed to calm this lady down for staging.

Meanwhile I pitched the idea of a bed styling video to Target (per your one million requests) and they supported it, so everything in the new master bedroom besides the rug, and two vintage dressers are new and available both online and in stores from Target.

It’s really beautiful bedding and after styling the room differently, I of course am so desperate to finish our new house (we don’t even have a bed yet). If you want to see this bed (and see two other rooms not yet revealed on the blog) in action watch this video (that I made with Propeller Digital – Brian’s company).

It’s all about how to help your family sleep better, in style (I styled a kid’s bedroom, too).

With out much further ado, here is our newly staged, simplified and yet totally still appealing (hopefully) master bedroom (in a more pulled back real estate type angle).

Man. I’m going to miss it. I like our new one, sure, but this room is magical to wake up to every day. We spent most morning reading with the kids in bed, drinking coffee, looking at the view. It’s just a really, really good one – and will definitely be missed.We kept the furniture mid-century inspired, but neutral. Then we brought some contrast and pop in with the bedding and lamps. Yes, those lamps are new from Target. So insane. The bed is from Nate’s collection and I just love every single thing on there. The rug is from Rejuvenation (it was in the family room but we moved it up here after having it cleaned – and it will probably come to our new house after we sell this house).

The linen striped duvet is an absolute favorite of mine because it’s just so classic and simple, so it was perfect to mix with the other patterns. For the staging photos we are too pulled back to see the family photos and for the open houses we aren’t going to have them there, obviously. We want people to be able to envision their lives here, not see my kids.

It doesn’t look like we mixed too many patterns or colors but we we kinda did. We kept it in the blue, white, gray, flax, cream world and then played a lot with tonal patterns of different scales and textures. The only one that really pops is the blue diamond sheet set – which is a perfect place to pop in a pattern if you are scared of them normally.

I feel like a broken record but there are so many pieces in the new bedding and home line that we LOVED (and you”ll see the guest room decked out in it, too, next week).

To help it feel big and airy we worked with symmetry – because while it can feel boring sometimes, symmetry always makes a room feel bigger and is so easy on your eye. Those two graphic lamps on those simple nightstands are pretty striking, while being relatively simple.

This house is a 1964 post and beam, so yes, we are embracing the mid-century-ness and not trying to make it all of a sudden traditional, but not going too retro either. I think the person who buys this will want mid-century style so we definitely wanted to make sure to have that vibe.

On the other side of the room we have …

Our two dressers don’t match but are perfectly coordinating (and will be for sale – soon). We got rid of the TV (duh) so you could see the view from all three windows, and reduced the accessories to a simple lamp, tray with a candle, frame and plant.


Now seeing this I kinda wished that I hadn’t kept that pink painting there but in the room it looks so pretty (and we aren’t going to put all of these photos on the MLS, just a few per room to get people to come and view it in person).


Overall we kept it simple and calm, but with enough happening to still look interesting.

What do you think? I have a very strong suspicion that many of you might like the staged bedroom even more than how it was before, but I’d love to hear your opinions. If you are into it, we pulled together this get the look with all the new pieces we brought in:



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